San Diego Canyonlands
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Mission, Vision, Values


mission, vision, values



San Diego Canyonlands' mission is to promote, protect and restore the natural habitats in San Diego County's canyons and creeks. We do this by fostering education and ongoing community involvement in stewardship and advocacy, and by collaborating with other organizations.

San Diego is unique as a major metropolitan area with natural open spaces, including hundreds of canyons and stretches of creek habitats scattered throughout the urban environment.These canyons, these islands of open space, are like mini-regional parks in our back yards. They play an important role in our wellness through filtration of air and water, serving as our City’s kidneys & lungs.

San Diego Canyonlands works towards preserving and restoring our canyons, and to influence policies towards their protection. We are also committed to fostering opportunities to utilize our canyons as “Nature Classrooms” where San Diego’s youth can learn about our unique wildlife and ecosystems with hands-on experiences. We promote passive recreational use in San Diego’s urban wildlands.


Local groups of volunteers are actively engaged in sustainable grassroots stewardship of canyons and creeks throughout San Diego County.

  • San Diego Canyonlands is providing essential services: A catalyst for grassroots community organizing infrastructure, education, inspiration, and encouragement, research / advocacy toward dedication of the San Diego Regional Canyonlands Park

  • Friends Groups are providing ongoing local ownership

  • Students are actively enjoying nature classrooms

  • Communities are providing volunteers to restore, protect, and advocate for their local canyon

  • The San Diego Canyons Coalition is sharing resources and enabling effective advocacy

To learn more about how we are carrying out our vision, see our Strategic Plan.



Core Values

  • High Water Quality

  • San Diego Native Biodiversity

  • Quality-of-Life

  • Nature Classrooms

  • Recreational Opportunities

  • Collaboration of Communities