San Diego Canyonlands

Community Service


How To Get Involved

  1. Check the San Diego Canyonlands Events Calendar to find an activity that fits your schedule and location.

  2. Once you have chosen an event you have two options:

    • Attend the event with a parent or guardian (if you are under 18).

    • If you would like to attend an event without a parent or guardian you MUST contact us to find out which events will have qualified staff/volunteers to host students. Not all events will be able to host students without a parent/guardian.

  3. Download the required Youth Waiver Form and make sure to bring it completed to the event.

What to Expect

Students will be instructed how to perform various activities and be supervised by event coordinators. All tools and materials will be provided. Students should bring their own gloves if possible and wear closed-toed shoes, sun protection and bring water. Most activities last between 2-3 hours and are generally on a Saturday morning.

Typical Restoration and Cleanup Activities:

  • Removal of invasive plant species (Giant Reed, Iceplant, Castor Bean, Pampas Grass, etc.) from the sensitive habitat of the canyons.

  • Planting native plants and watering newly planted restoration areas.

  • Cleanup/trash removal.

  • Public Education (Supervised assistance helping to pass out educational brochures and information to homeowners and general public)

Confirmation of Community Service

Confirmation forms verifying your community service are available upon request.  Please bring any school-specific or other forms to the event.